As far back as I can remember I have been drawing, doodling, building, creating.


In the 80’s I was intrigued with simple drawing applications on the first personal computers. However once you got down to it, the ceiling was pretty low back then and saving all your drawings on these strange black coasters wasn’t quite as impressive as having them scotch-taped to every inch of your wall. Besides, I was still a kid and had no idea what was ahead.


By the 90’s things were a little different. Harder coasters replaced the floppy ones, but printers could now print in color and in the location on the page where you wanted it to. Hot Dog! – Where’s my scotch tape?


One summer my father told be about this job at the mall. It was a little kiosk that produced on-demand novelty items like t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads. That was the first time I heard the words “graphic artist.” So I applied and started working right away. To this day, if you ask the people I worked for they would say they taught me everything I know.


After that, I purchased the best computer I could not afford and started out into the world of freelance graphic design. So computers finally caught up with me and as I slowed down to care, I fell in love with design all over again. Over time this amazing medium has allowed me to redefine all I ever thought about creativity.



Whether sketching in the park alone or collaborating with a team, being able to create something from an idea, a word, a melody... That amazes me.