I don’t want to define myself by the work I do, but by the experiences I am blessed to be a part of.


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Medical Communications

Since 2009 I have had the privilege to be the art director for a medical communications agency based in Denver, Colorado. Working remotely has sharpened my time-management skills to keep up with clients and colleagues around the world.


Our agency has been responsible for content development, meeting planning, logistics, and execution for top pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations worldwide.



BSG Communications, Inc. – Art Director (2010-Present)

 • Concept Coordination and Implementation

 • Collateral Design (Newsletters, letterhead, brochures, invitations, etc.)

 • Corporate Branding

 • Website Design and Maintenance, CMS Administration, Webcast Development

 • HTML e-mail Campaigns

 • Print Production Coordination

 • Video and Animation Development

 •  Video and Audio Editing




Using my past experiences I was responsible for the implementation, quality, and efficient production of all graphic design, print, web, interactive, audio/video, and PowerPoint projects. My primary focus was to ensure that all digital and print projects be delivered optimally, whether via print, PC, Web, mobile devices, iPod, CD-ROM, DVD, or e-mail.


I developed innovative concepts and creative solutions for print and multimedia projects that ranged from logos and corporate branding to exhibit booths, newsletters, and banners. Our creative team incorporated basic ideas around communication goals to create on-target medical communication materials.


Creative Marketing

Being the lead designer at Granite Mortgage, Inc. was a great opportunity that allowed me to exercise my creativity while constructing a new promotional campaign for their new corporate branding in the surrounding region.



Granite Mortgage, Inc. – Graphic Designer, IT Technician (2007-2009)

 • Concept Design for Initial Marketing Campaign

 • Website Design

 • Intranet Site Design and Maintenance

 • Technical support of Various Non-graphic-related Systems

 • System Maintenance




While working for a boutique print company, I was approached in 2002 by GLL & Associates to design their new corporate identity. The task was to re-brand this local LLC  with a stronger presence that represented their acquisition by the Bank of Granite Corporation. A few years later they asked me to join their marketing department.


The “Call us first” campaign aimed to establish Granite Mortgage at the top of the mortgage lending market in the 13 cities in which they operated and beyond.

Print Production

Out of all my previous experiences, the time I spent at Le Print Express was probably the most valuable. The ability to create is not always the most essential part of a designer’s task. I was also very hands-on with all of the print production as well. This taught me to maximize limitations and meet budgetary restrictions to give the client the best product within their means.



Le Print Express – Graphic Designer (2001-2007)

 • Design and Layout for Various Types of Media

 • Print Production

 • Project Management

 • Systems Maintenance




So this is the boutique print company I was speaking of, Le Print Express. Starting out in a hole-in-the-wall in a major “get it all in one place” store, we were able to expand to a stand-alone shop of our own. We didn’t have a great deal of sophisticated equipment, but the things we created with the resources available to us were crazy cool.


From simple black-and-white business cards to some of the most interesting wedding invitations imaginable, we found creative ways to print materials when the clients’ budgets were tight and their timelines short.


Adding in the close friendship the owners and I shared, I count this experience as one-of-a-kind. The company has changed hands since then, but I still do business with them. Craig and his team at what is now “NuExpressions” have continued the same “can-do” attitude and work ethic we started so long ago.




One of the activities I enjoy the most is photography. I have been taking photographs for many years. At first it was leisurely thing, mostly taking pictures while traveling. Then one day a friend asked if I could shoot photos and design his band’s cd cover. I jumped at the chance and dove in head first.


I have since photographed many families, children, corporate events and the occasional wedding. Although I don’t advertise myself as a photographer, these experiences have led me to use my hobby to expand my freelance abilities.